Our company has invested in the tea sector in 1996 and initiated the manufacturing activities with the help of its experience in the food sector for long years.

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Slim Teas

Today, the answers to the questions whether the diets for losing weight include tea or not, and can tea be used for losing weight or not are easy to provide. Today, almost everybody knows the beneficial characteristics of tea. In general, high amounts of antioxidants and flavonoids contained in herbal teas provide significant benefits to the wellbeing of the human body. Selen Slim & Detox is the only and the most effective tea in the market for healthy weight loss and keeping a fit form; and also to remove the toxins that accumulate in the body, thereby cleaning and refreshing it. Selen Slim Plus is simply the most effective one in the category of Slim Teas.

Detox Tea

Regarding detox, the simplest is the best, as many things in life are. Detox tea is a beneficial beverage for heart, eyes and skin, and almost each organ on the body. Besides, it is possible to make a long list of the health benefits of detox tea. Toxins are accumulated in our body due to the food we consume, the environment we live and for smokers, the cigarettes. In order to remove the accumulated toxins from the body; detox tea offers a simple, easy and joyous alternative to sport, perspiration etc. Detox tea contains everything that is needed to remove toxins from the body along with cleansing and refreshing the body.

Joy of Selen Begins!

It was worth for you to wait. Now the real enjoyment begins. You will finally have the best tea of the world. We have brought the flavor to your dining table, to your houses and to your workplaces.

Healthy, High Quality and Delicious!

Selen was processed and packaged in modern facilities. You can find the Selen teas at the nearest sales points, and we are confident that you will always have a delicious taste and superior quality.

Selen Gold Label Round Pot Bag turns tea brewing into joy….

No Need to Measure with Spoon!

Selen teas ease your life with their practicability. When you use Selen round pot bags, you do not have to measure like loose tea anymore.

No Need For Strainer!

When you use Selen round pot bags, the need to use strainers will be gone.

Cleaning the Teapot Is Very Easy!

Cleaning of teapot is very practical with Selen Round Pot Bags..